My programs on VB6


To run my programs you have necessary installed (if isn't do, it's required even if you have an vb6 runtime in other language) the VB6 runtime (116.77 kB) minimum or for all Click here (french) (2.61 MB).
I precise, those programs have editted more years old, it possible ones of those are not completly optimize on recent OS (like Windows XP or more recent).
The source code of programs can be find on the website VbFrance

Those programs are programmed in french.
I not responsable if injuries may occurs on run's my programs, they are analized on antivirus and they haven't event alert.
All dates are in french format


IconProgram's nameDescriptionLinkImageSourceForumlast uploadCreation date
iconprgConvertConvert bases decimal, hexadecimal, binary, reflect binary, octal et ASCII in all order.Convert.exe (60.00 kB)Screenshot avaibleConvert.7z (18.42 kB)
iconprgHotelloThe Hotello game, with automatic pass if player can't play.Hotello.exe (60.00 kB)Screenshot avaibleHotello.7z (58.15 kB)
iconprgMastermindMastermind game, with can save/load a game.Mastermind.exe (72.00 kB)Screenshot avaibleMastermind.7z (22.95 kB)
iconprgJeu de la vieLife game, program evoluted of gestion a map (see capture) (39.19 kB)Screenshot avaibleVie.7z (105.50 kB)
AutorunProgram to manage autoruns. XML parser (748.78 kB)Screenshot avaibleAutorun.7z (18.44 kB)

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